2019 Berkeley High Coup Ultimate


What equipment do I need to play Ultimate?

Ultimate is played either on grass and turf fields. Therefore, it is recommended that cleats be worn when playing. Soccer, lacrosse, football, or Ultimate cleats will work (see Resources for where to get cleats). Each player will need a light and dark jersey, and athletic shorts or warmups are suggested. For league games and tournaments, players will bring their uniform (red and white jersey and black shorts). Players should bring water and sunscreen to daytime practices and games.

Can students who do not attend BHS join the Ultimate club?

High school student eligibility to participate in high school league and local tournaments is determined by Bay Area Disc Association (BADA), which is in the process of finalizing its High School League Policies and Rules. Students whose high school does not have an Ultimate team can play on the team of the school located geographically closest to their home. Berkeley High welcomes non-students who live in Berkeley; however, due to the size of the program at Berkeley High (90+), we encourage Ultimate players who live outside of Berkeley to contact BADA for information about the closest team. Other high schools in the area with Ultimate teams include  smaller programs that could use additional players. Local schools/teams to inquire with include El Cerrito High School, Foothill High School (Pleasanton), Miramonte High School (Orinda), Bentley (Lafayette), Head Royce (Oakland), Piedmont High School, and Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland).  Players who do not attend Berkeley High School will not be eligible to participate in the High School States championship tournament.


Is Ultimate played in Berkeley middle schools?

Willard, King, and Longfellow all have Ultimate teams that meet in the spring as part of their after-school programs. The Berkeley middle school teams play each other, and they also compete against other schools, such as Orinda Middle School, Berkeley Montessori, and St. Paul’s. 

Does it matter what kind of disc I buy?

Yes, the Discraft Ultra-Star 175 gram is the official disc of the USAU Championship Series. Proper Ultimate discs can be purchased from Coach Meeri (Fury discs) or online from Discraft or Aria


Is Ultimate different from Disc Golf?

Disc golf is an entirely different game and uses different discs. Disc golf is played on a course where players aim discs at targets or baskets. Unlike Ultimate, disc golf does not include running, defense, or a field.


Do colleges have Ultimate teams?

Yes. A great number of colleges have Ultimate teams, which play either Division 1 or Division 3. Local college women’s and men’s teams include the Pie Queens and UGMO at Cal, Superfly and Bloodthirsty at Stanford, Rogue and Dogs at UC Davis, as well as teams at Santa Clara, San Jose State, UC Santa Cruz, Sonoma State and others.