2019 Berkeley High Coup Ultimate


Berkeley High Coup Ultimate attracts Ultimate experts as coaches. Our coaches play Ultimate themselves on club teams, and in some cases on national and professional teams. Coaching at Berkeley High School takes dedication to the sport and students, as it is on a volunteer basis and takes time during the week and on weekends. Our coaches all have their own careers outside of coaching. Coaches for the 2018-2019 season are:

James Sheridan, Head Coach

How can you tell if someone played Ultimate at Carleton? Don't worry, they'll tell you. A proud alum of the Carleton College Gods of Plastic, James started his Ultimate career in 2006. A veteran of the SF mixed scene, James most recently played for SF Polar Bears and the Dominican Republic National Team at the World Championships in 2018. But his critical claim to fame is his coaching look: barefoot, striped pajama pants, a ball cap, and proudly rocking a Coup jersey. This will be his 9th season coaching Coup, and we're so lucky to have him!

Meeri Chang

Meeri has been playing Ultimate since 2011. Although her team, Michigan Flywheel, was a national contender and made it all the way to the finals that year, Meeri spent her rookie season playing the cowbell on the sideline, her favorite team tradition even to this day. Since then, she has played mixed for SF Polar Bears, women's for the U24 national team, and currently plays women's for SF Fury. When she's not coaching, she enjoys tinkering around with other sports, like tennis, golf, basketball, snowboarding, and volleyball.

Raj Maitra

Raj has been playing Ultimate since 2003 and has come a long way since he used to play in knee-high soccer socks and wide receiver gloves. He played for UC Santa Cruz, the MLU Dogfish, AUDL SF Flamethrowers, and currently plays for the elite mixed club team, San Francisco Blackbirds. When he's not coaching, he loves a good game of Goaltimate. His favorite tournament is Kaimana in Hawaii, where he can spend time with old teammates from his alma mater, UC Santa Cruz, and connect with alums from all eras of the program.

Sam Applegate

Sam has been playing Ultimate for 13 years, starting at Colorado State. She's since played on a handful of mixed teams, including SF Groove and most recently SF Polar Bears. Her favorite sideline games are spikeball and trickball, basically any games you play when you're not throwing a disc! She loves the vibrant community of Ultimate, and loves learning from other incredible people who she's met through the sport.

Margot "Radar" Stert

Radar has been playing Ultimate for six years and started playing in college at UCLA BLU (where she was given the nickname, Radar, and still no one knows where it came from). Although the rest of us will remember her college career full of hucks, skies, and huge layout grabs, Radar's favorite college Ultimate memory was the team dorm dinner after practices. She now plays for and captains the mixed team, SF Polar Bears, and co-coached the BHS Coup mixed team, Uproar, last fall to the league's inaugural state championship! When she's not breaking the mark and skying dudes like a boss, she enjoys hanging out with her amazing friends whom she has formed lifelong friendships with because of Ultimate. 

Mel Hassler

A veteran to Ultimate (12 years) and a newbie to coaching, Mel is the queen of glitter, bright hair dye, and positive energy. She plays for San Francisco's Classy, a mixed club team, and recently played as a member of the AUDL SF Flamethrowers professional women's team in 2018. When she's not playing Ultimate, you can find her on BHS Coup's sideline putting together everyone's favorite pump up playlist, or teaching the team how to take the perfect group selfie.

Linh Hoang

Linh is in her 14th year of Ultimate (yes, she is old!). She started playing in college at NYU for the Violet Femmes, where you practice laying out for the disc in the snow and learn how to catch while your hands are freezing cold. She loves the character that Ultimate builds -- learning and improving on the ability to balance being an ultra competitive person with being honest and playing with integrity in the face of big and small moments. While Linh's stature is small (no, she is not a high schooler so don't ask), she plays big and has one of the loudest sideline voices of all the coaches.

Brian Bedord

Brian has been playing 11 years now, starting at the University of Oregon in 2007. He initially started on the B team before making Ego (Oregon's A team) his sophomore year. While some of us might consider him a young gun, he was old enough to be around for the advent of the "Break Bucket" tradition at Oregon; whenever a player scores a "break" (scoring while starting the point on defense) they get a trash can over the head. Brian's second claim to fame is being one of the main video producers on the NexGen Tour in 2012 (the first live-streamed showcase tour of men's Ultimate). Beyond scoring buckets and tossing buckets (literally on people's heads), Brian loves the Ultimate community and the people he's known through his experiences playing.

Byron Liu

Byron started playing Ultimate 10 years ago at Emory University. Since then, he's competed with Team USA for the U23 Men's National Team in 2013, as well as the Beach Mixed National Team in 2015 and 2017. Although Byron plays SF Revolver and the AUDL SF Flamethrowers, we all know that Byron's favorite division is mixed ultimate (co-ed) and that he prefers Goaltimate over 7 v. 7. And, with the most quintessential captain response, Byron's favorite Ultimate tradition is "humility dunes" (like beach dunes). After winning a tournament, Revolver reminds itself that there's still a large mountain to climb by getting together as a team and running a hill workout. 

Montana Roberts

Montana, not from Montana, has been playing Ultimate for 4 years and started playing with the Claremont Greenshirts, Here, she got the nickname "Noodles" and got really good at catching the disc with her arms tucked in her sleeves like a T-Rex, a popular tradition that the team would do as a fun scrimmage. This contrasted her more serious role as a captain and player/coach for the team! Since them, Montana has moved to the Bay Area and is playing with local mixed team, Mimosas. 

Jordan Taylor

Jordan started playing Ultimate in 2007 as a freshman at Columbia High School, the place where Ultimate was invented. He played in college with Brown University Brownian Motion, known canonically throughout New England as “the best team of them all”. His favorite aspects of Ultimate are the community and the people; and also the way Ultimate provides opportunities for personal growth, connection, triumph, and defeat - in a fun and supportive environment. His favorite fun Ultimate thing is playing Wildwood with his high school alumni team every year and adding to the hallowed tradition of failure that is the best on the boardwalk (3-57 record, roughly, but every year a win). He’s pretty itinerant, so he’s played for a number of club teams for not very long: Pony, Dig, and Mischief, as well as the 2010 U19 U.S. Men’s team.