All players are valued members Berkeley High Coup Ultimate and will have the opportunity to practice and play together. Due to the number of players who join the club, players are organized into different teams for the purposes of league and tournament competition. Our teams compete in the following divisions:

  1. MIXED – Coed with 4:3 or 3:4 male:female ratio on the field at all times

  2. OPEN – Open to male and female players with no restrictions on how many of each are on the field.  Tends to be mostly male players but female players are welcome

  3. GIRLS – Open to female players only

League play is organized by the Bay Area Disc Association (BADA) and tournaments are under the auspices of either BADA and/or the USA Ultimate Association (USAU). Our players are required to register with both organizations (see Registration page).

The fall/winter season focuses on learning and improving skills for all players. Mixed league play also occurs in the fall.

The spring season is the primary competitive season, with Open and Girls league play and two tournaments. Teams for spring season are established in January/February. The number of teams depends on the number of players, but has generally included three Open teams [a competitive tryout team (Red), a freshman team (Lo Coup) and a non-tryout team for sophomores-seniors (Yellow)] and a Girls’ team (Hysteria).