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Berkeley High Coup Ultimate is supported by a team of parent volunteers. Each year we ask parents to assist the team with a variety of tasks. We need volunteers who can assist the overall program, help on a team level, and provide single game-day support. 

Listed below are some of the primary volunteer positions for Berkeley High Coup Ultimate.

  1. Lead volunteer – primary point of contact for parents for all teams

  2. Registrar – league and tournament registration; fees; waivers; insurance

  3. Bookkeeper – deposits and reimbursements

  4. Fundraiser – letter writing campaign

  5. Team managers - by team

  6. Transportation coordinators and carpool drivers – by team (see below)

  7. Snack coordinators – by team

  8. Tournament coordinators – vans, hotels, food, chaperones

  9. Picnic coordinator – end of year event

To get involved and support Berkeley High Coup Ultimate, contact parent volunteer Deirdre Nurre at


Players are not allowed to drive themselves or their teammates to league games or tournaments. Therefore, parents are encouraged to get involved and drive team carpools to games and tournaments.


All cars used for carpools must comply with the Berkeley High Coup Ultimate insurance requirements and drivers must have a current legal driver’s license, be legally allowed to drive minors in their cars, and have current car insurance. Please be aware that the California Education Code and Berkeley Unified School District stipulate that anyone who drives to or from any school related activity assumes full financial responsibility for any claims of loss arising from such travel.

Parents interested in driving to league games and tournaments must complete the Driver Form and provide a copy of their driver’s license and car insurance through the TeamSnap registration page. A download link to the form is provided below (also available on TeamSnap registration page). 


To add driver information after completing TeamSnap registration, click your player's name in the Roster section of TeamSnap and scroll down to Player Links and Files / add files.  Be sure to upload a copy of your drivers license and proof of insurance as well as the completed Driver Form. 

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