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Ultimate is a team field sport, combining the quick movements of football and basketball with the endurance of soccer. The playing field is approximately as long as and has a layout similar to a football field, but somewhat narrower, and has two end zones. Each team has seven players on the field at a time, some of whom are handlers (who do main control of throws), some of whom are cutters (who receive the disc, and then often throw it). Once you catch a disc you have to stop and then have up to ten seconds to throw the disc to another player. Defenders try to knock down or intercept throws. Points are scored when the disc is caught in an end zone. After a point has ended, a whole new group of seven players may take the field, or individual replacements may be made. Games continue until one team reaches a set number of points (usually 13 or 15) or game time has expired (depends on the league or tournament rules).


Youth, college, and adult club teams compete all around the country and the world, in mixed (co-ed) competition as well as open (mostly men, although women are allowed) and women’s (no men allowed) divisions. Frisbees are referred to as “discs” because the word “Frisbee” is trademarked. The sport is officially called Ultimate.


Ultimate is a fast-moving, challenging sport known for its athleticism but also for its spirit and community. All games are self-officiated, which means there are no referees. It is in the "Spirit of the Game" that the players make all the calls, and are expected to demonstrate a high level of respect for themselves, their teammates, and their opponents at all levels of competition.

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