New Player Information Survey

New players interested in joining the team must complete the Player Information Survey at the start of the season. The survey includes player name, contact information, year in school, and parent contact information.  Returning players do not need to fill out the survey. 


(A new survey link will be provided for the 2020-2021 season.)

Team Registration

Registration is now managed through TeamSnap.  Players will receive a link and instructions for the TeamSnap registration page by email.  For returning players, it will be sent to the email address you used last year.  For new players, it will be sent to the email address you provide in the Player Information Survey (link above). 

A player will not be assigned to a team until they complete the registration. After registration and first practice, all players will be assigned to a team. At that point, players and parents who were listed in the registration form will be sent an “invitation to join” the TeamSnap page for their assigned team. After that, all communication and scheduling will be done through the TeamSnap webpage and app. We recommend both players and parents get the app and turn on notifications for easy access to team practice/game schedules, messages from coaches, last minute schedule changes, etc. 

For questions about the registration process, contact

Items you will need to complete registration are provided below.  Taking care of memberships, waiver forms and concussion training ahead of time will make the registration process go faster. 


All players must have memberships with two Ultimate organizations, Bay Area Disc Association (BADA) and USA Ultimate (USAU). BADA is the local organization that hosts high school leagues and a spring tournament. USAU is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in the United States and Canada. Some tournaments are sanctioned by the USAU and require membership. In addition, Berkeley High Ultimate purchases insurance coverage for field permits from USAU, which requires all our players to be members.  


  • USA Ultimate – A USAU membership ID number is required for registration. If a player is not already a member, they can purchase the “Fall Intro” membership for $19.00. Click here for USAU membership page.   The cost for USAU membership renewal is included in the team fee and Coup will take care of renewing your membership in January (good for one year).

  • Bay Area Disc Association - Players must have a valid account with BADA. The account is free. Returning players already have an account and Coup will create an account for new players.  You don’t need to do anything, but you may receive emails from BADA referring to your account. Returning players already have an account. NEW players click here to sign up for BADA account.

Medical Forms

BADA and USAU medical authorization forms, completed and signed by a parent or guardian, are required for registration. Although the forms indicate they are for children under 18, we require them for all players. Download links to the forms are provided on the TeamSnap registration page (and below).  Completed forms must be uploaded as part of your TeamSnap registration.

Concussion Training

A Certificate of Completion for the online CDC Concussion Training is required for registration.  The training is free.  Click here to do the CDC concussion training. Hit the “Launch the Course” window. The course will say it is for coaches, but players must also complete it. When the course is completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  You will be required to upload this certificate as part of the TeamSnap registration.

Code of Conduct 

The Berkeley High Coup Ultimate Code of Conduct outlines expectations for conduct and consequences for violations. Players must read and sign the Code of Conduct as part of the TeamSnap registration. A link to the code of conduct is provided below for reference.



Players are not allowed to drive themselves or their teammates to league games or tournaments. Therefore, parents are encouraged to get involved and drive team carpools to games and tournaments.


All cars used for carpools must comply with the Berkeley High Coup Ultimate insurance requirements and drivers must have a current legal driver’s license, be legally allowed to drive minors in their cars, and have current car insurance. Please be aware that the California Education Code and Berkeley Unified School District stipulate that anyone who drives to or from any school related activity assumes full financial responsibility for any claims of loss arising from such travel.

Parents driving to league games and tournaments must complete the Driver Form and provide a copy of their driver’s license and car insurance through the TeamSnap registration page. A download link to the form is provided below (also available on TeamSnap registration page). 


To add driver information after completing TeamSnap registration, click your player's name in the Roster section of TeamSnap and scroll down to Player Links and Files / add files.  Be sure to upload a copy of your drivers license and proof of insurance as well as the completed Driver Form. 


​ Scholarships are available for all team expenses.


  • Team Fee, $350 - this covers the cost of field rental, league and tournament entrance fees, equipment, insurance, two travel tournaments (Spaghetti Westerns and States), USAU membership renewal, a practice jersey, and other costs.


  • Uniform, approximately $100 - this covers shorts and two jerseys (white and red); only new players need purchase the uniform


Some teams may decide to participate in additional tournaments. Costs associated with these tournaments are not included in the $350 team fee. 


Partial or full scholarships are available to cover costs (team fees and uniform) as needed. No player will be denied participation in the Ultimate club based on financial hardship. Scholarships are provided based on an honor system, and we do not ask to review any financial records for the players and their families. All scholarship information is kept confidential.


Email Eric Esler at if you would like scholarship information.



Team fees and donations can be paid via credit card, wire transfer or check. Payment instructions are provided in the TeamSnap registration form.


Players purchase uniforms themselves, directly from the vendor, typically in October. Information regarding uniform purchase will be provided at a later date.

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