2020-2021 Season

The 2020-21 registration survey is closed, but if you are interested in joining the team please send an email to

We will start the season in October with limited practices in small "pods" (groups of 12 or fewer).  Players who completed the registration survey received pod practice information via email. All players will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure before each practice. Rules for pod practices are below, and other documentation is provided at these links:

The following waivers are required for participation in any Coup practice. Bring completed, signed forms to your first practice: 


Medical Authorization: 


Membership in USA Ultimate is also required. Membership information is HERE.

Fall 2020 Pod Practice Rules

You may not participate if:

  • You are participating in another camp or social grouping (“bubble”) outside your family;

  • You are immunocompromised or in a vulnerable population; or

  • You live in the same household as someone with Covid-19


It is recommended that you not participate if:

  • You live with an immunocompromised individual or an individual in a vulnerable population.

    • Please have a conversation as a family and emphasize safety measures if you decide to participate.

You will be sent home if:

  • You arrive at practice without a face covering that covers your face and nose and meets City of Berkeley Public Health Department requirements (see 2nd bullet point);

    • You must wear your mask when standing still, warming up, and throwing but you may remove it during “high intensity aerobic activity” such as footwork drills and sprinting as long as you comply with increased distancing requirements (10 - 12 feet apart).

    • Bandanas and vented masks are acceptable.

  • You do not have a full water bottle;

  • You do not abide by the social distancing rules and other health and safety procedures and protocols requirements adopted by BHCU in its Site-Specific Protection Plan, included in this checklist, and/or discussed by the coach at the beginning of each practice; or

    • You must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet apart, and at least 12 feet apart for high intensity aerobic drills as directed by the coach.

  • You have an elevated temperature or your responses to the health screening questionnaire indicate that you may have symptoms of COVID-19, or may have been exposed to COVID-19.


You must:

  • Also follow social distancing rules while waiting for your health screening before practice and practice to begin, and after practice ends (in other words maintain a minimum 6’ separation while waiting, with masks on); and go directly home after practice.  Do not congregate with friends;

  • Check in at the start of practice, including answering health screening questions and having your temperature checked;

  • Hand sanitize upon entry to practice, during practice as necessary (e.g., after touching your mask), and upon leaving practice;

  • Maintain a minimum 6’ separation, or as applicable 10’ – 12’, from other players during practice;

  • Remain in the same pod of 12 or less for the duration of practice season beginning the week of 10/5/2020 and running through at least 11/30/2020;

  • Thoroughly wash masks and athletic clothes before wearing them again at the next practice

  • Sanitize your disc before practice and at the end of practice


You must not:

  • Use any indoor facilities at the City of Berkeley fields;

    • Restrooms may be used for emergency purposes only and subject to the requirement that you use a disinfectant wipe to clean any surface you must touch  to use the restroom (e.g., door handles, toilet flush handle) and sanitize your hands upon exiting the restroom

  • Share water bottles, gear, or equipment, including masks, cleats, gloves, except that discs may be shared if they are sanitized before and after practice and you maintain the required minimum separation of 6’ between yourself and other players.