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2022-2023 BHS Ultimate Frisbee
Registration Instructions


All players, new and returning, read and complete all the steps! 



If you are interested in playing Ultimate frisbee at BHS this season, fill out this player interest form. All interested players who fill out the form can attend the first practice (most likely on Oct 2, 2022 -- details will be emailed to you) to learn more about the season. Students of all gender identities and all levels of ultimate frisbee experience are welcome and encouraged to join! 

Yes, returning players DO need to fill out this form. 



Print and fill out this medical authorization form, and bring it to the first practice (we will email you exact date/time/location).


STEP 3: UPLOAD COVID VAX PROOF (Recommended, Not Required)

Use this link to upload proof of COVID vaccination. You do need to sign into a Google Account to use this upload form (players should all have their students account and can use it). But if you have problems using the upload form, you can email your vax proof to (please do try the form first, thank you!).  


NEXT, as soon as you are sure you want to join the team (it’s ok to do this now if you know already, OR wait until after the first practice if you are unsure), complete your registration by doing Steps 4-5



All players need a USA Ultimate membership to play on BHS Coup. This is the org that provides our insurance and runs leagues and tournaments we participate in.  


If you played last year at either BHS or your middle school, you probably already have a USAU account and an active membership that will be valid through December 2022, you can just sign in and retrieve your USAU ID here.


If you've never had USAU membership, you (player) will need to register here, and then add a Youth Intro Membership, which is a reduced price membership for $20, and will be valid until December 2022.


In Jan 2023, all Coup players will have to renew their USAU memberships and at that time, BHS Coup does pay for player registration fees that will cover players from Jan-Dec 2023


You will need your USAU ID for the Step 5, the TeamSnap registration, so take care of this first.




We use TeamSnap to register players and for all team communications - please read all the instructions all the way through before you click the link to get started.  


Click on this TeamSnap registration link when you are ready to begin.


  • If you already have a TeamSnap account, login at the prompt, and you will see the registration form for ultimate. Select “New Signup” to begin. All players, new and returning, need to create a “New Signup” for this year. 


  • If you do not already have a TeamSnap account, click on the registration link, use the Sign Up link in small blue text to quickly create a new TeamSnap account. After you create the account and are logged in, clicking on the registration link above will bring up the registration form and you will select “New Signup” to begin registration. 


NOTE: We recommend that players login to or create their own TeamSnap accounts with their student emails instead of using an account a parent might already have - of course you should set this up however works best for your family, but keep in mind coaches will use TeamSnap to communicate with players so it’s great if they have their own accounts. Parent emails are collected in the registration form as well and will be added to team communication lists. 


Have your parent/guardian handy during registration for help with info and payment.


Annual Fee Information: Since BHS Ultimate is a club team and not funded by BHS athletics, we do have an annual fee. This fee of $350 covers fees for fields, insurance, coach gifts, and other basic operations and is collected as part of the TeamSnap registration process. No players will be turned away due to lack of funds, so if you need a team fee scholarship, email parent volunteer registrar Chaghig Walker at BEFORE you start your TeamSnap registration. 


Once your TeamSnap registration is complete, you will see it listed in your account home page, but you won’t yet be assigned a team -- that’s OK and will happen eventually and you’ll get a notification when it does.

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