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PE Credit

PE Credit Policy for Berkeley High Ultimate Club Program for 2023–2024 School Year

Policy:  To earn one semester of PE credit (i.e., 5 units), a BHS Student must participate in the BHS Ultimate Club program for the entire school year.  Participation, which is tracked, means attending and being ready to play in all practices and games.  Students who satisfy the participation requirements will receive PE credit for the Spring Semester.  No PE credit will be given for the Fall semester, and no credit will be given to students who do not satisfy the participation requirements.


How it Works:   Coaches and captains will track attendance and participation throughout the year and, at the end of the Ultimate season, a parent volunteer provides the school with a list of those players who are eligible to receive PE credit for the Spring Semester.  Students do not individually fill out or turn in a PE waiver form.

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